Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

Bail Bond For Sex Crimes: What Is Involved

Javier Webb

Bail bond release conditions are often exact and specific. However, when it comes to arrests involving sex crimes, the level of complexity is magnified. For this reason, before any person agrees to aid in the bail bond release of another person, they must understand what they are getting themselves into. If you are considering helping someone charged with a sex crime, learn more about what is involved.

Increased Bond Amounts

The first condition you should expect to encounter is an increased bond amount. The court uses guidelines to determine how much a bond is based on various factors, including the defendant's criminal record and the crime they are accused of committing. Sex crimes are considered serious offenses, so the bond for these charges will often be higher than for a lesser crime, such as shoplifting. It is also worth noting that the victim's age might influence the bond amount. 

Controlled Environments

Your loved one will likely be required to remain in a controlled environment upon release. What this environment looks like will depend on the nature of the crime they have been charged with. For example, for offenses involving minors, individuals would be required to remain a specific distance from any place where children frequent, such as schools or playgrounds. As a signee, you understand that if the defendant does not abide by these terms, you could also be held liable. 

Required Reporting

Release on a bail bond for a sex crime will also generally involve regular reporting. Although the defendant has not been convicted of a crime, a judge may order that the individual check in with a court agent on a set schedule or wear monitoring equipment during their release. Like remaining within a controlled environment, if the defendant does not adhere to the reporting schedule or tampers with the monitoring equipment, their bond may be revoked, and you could be held financially liable should they fail to turn themselves in.

Bail Bond Agent

In addition to helping you complete the bond release steps, a bond agent may also be able to help you go over the specifics of the release conditions to ensure you understand the process. Once you understand the severity and have completed all the necessary paperwork, the agent will work with the court to facilitate the release of your loved one as quickly as possible. 

The above represent just some of the common circumstances. Review the specifics of your loved one's case to understand what is at stake. Reach out to a local service, such as Abaasy Bail Bonds, to learn more.


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