Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

5 Types Of Bail Bonds And When To Use Them

Javier Webb

Bail bonds are some of the most important protections offered by the justice system against an accused person. A bail bond lets you stay free as you organize your legal defense. It is very useful since you can gather more resources for your defense, including a suitable defense lawyer. It also ensures your life goes on almost as usual, even as the court case goes on. This point is very useful because some cases can drag on while the suspect remains on remand. If you have been wrongly accused, a bail bond ensures you don't spend time in jail wrongly. However, bail bonds come in different forms, and you must know which one works best for your case:

1. Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the most common bail bonds. After your arrest, a judge sets the bail amount. If you can't raise it, you turn to a bail bond agency to pay on your behalf. You place collateral with the bail bondsman or a fee. 

The bail bondsman then pays your bail in full. If you don't appear in court, you forfeit the surety. The bail bond agency can also use a bounty hunter to track you down and bring you to justice. This type of bail bond is common in misdemeanor cases. 

2. Property Bonds 

A property bond uses real estate as collateral for your appearance in court. You will have to put up your home or land as collateral. If you fail to appear in court, the court will seize it and sell it off. This type of bail bond is common in felony cases.

3. Cash Bail 

Cash bail bonds are also common types of bail bonds. They work well if you can raise the cash bail set by the court. It requires you to pay cash to the courts, and the courts hold the cash until your case is over. 

4. Federal Bail Bonds 

Federal bail bonds are used to secure your freedom in federal cases. They are expensive and difficult to secure because of the gravity of the cases. This type of bail bond is usually seen in serious federal cases, for example, wire fraud cases.

5. Immigration Bail Bonds 

Immigration bail bonds allow the release of an undocumented immigrant who has been arrested and is being held by the immigration authority. These are the most difficult bail bonds to get because it is difficult to track down an undocumented person. 

Are you or your loved one in legal trouble? Call a bail bonds agency to secure your freedom and make your defense easier. Contact a company like Abaasy Bail Bonds to learn more about bail bonds.


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