Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

Working With A Security Service To Secure Your Construction Site After Hours

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Construction sites can be dangerous places at night when no one is there. Buildings often sit overnight, with parts of the building unfinished and places where someone could get hurt easily accessible. Hiring security guards to watch the property overnight can be an excellent solution to keeping people out and ensuring nothing is damaged or stolen from the site.

Job Site Security Guards

Independent security guard services can typically provide construction site security for your job site and ensure that someone is watching the property when you are not there. The guards can patrol the outside of the property, manage the entrances to the building, and monitor the area for any activity that should not be going on overnight. 

If there is a problem on the site, the security guard assigned to the property can call the police or the job site foreman and have them respond to the site if needed. It is also good to have someone there if an early delivery arrives and the construction crew has not started working yet. 

The construction site security can let the delivery driver unload the product or call the job foreman to let them know that the delivery has arrived and determine what to do. Most of the time spent on the site will involve just being available and checking the building throughout the night, but sometimes that is all that is required to ensure no one comes on to the construction site at night.

Multiple Security Guards

If the job site that you are trying to secure is extensive, you may need to have more than one security guard on the site. Fencing the job site in and putting a guardhouse at the gate allows one guard to be stationed there and control access to the site, while the other one can patrol the interior areas and fence line to make sure no one has come in unauthorized. 

If the area is large enough, you may need to have several security guards on patrol simultaneously, but you will need to talk with the guard service to determine the best way to secure your job site. Some security guard services will send a representative to your site to review it and make recommendations for you. 

The security company you are working with should be experienced with job site security, so be sure to check before you contract them to secure your location. The nature of securing an area like this is different from doing clock rounds in a building, so the security guards they send to your site need to be trained to handle this type of security if they are going to be effective.


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