Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

3 Reasons To Install Keyless Entry In Your Office

Javier Webb

If you are still using old traditional key-entry locks for your office, you aren't doing everything you can to protect your investment. Just like you need newer, advanced systems to boost your office's cybersecurity, but you also need newer locks to physically protect equipment and information. Keyless entry door locks are one of the best ways to improve security for your business. Check out these three reasons you should install a keyless entry lock in your office.

1. Better Protection From Break-Ins

Traditional key locks rely on tumblers to lock and unlock the door. The right key pushes the tumblers into the right spot, allowing the door to open. Unfortunately, these locks are easy to pick by any criminal with the right tools and a smartphone to tell them what to do. Replacing these old tumbler locks with smart locks and a keyless entry system, you'll prevent more break-ins because criminals have no lock or tumbler to pick. As an added benefit, if an employee loses their keycard (or never returns it), you don't have to change the entire lock. You can simply make that keycard inactive, so no one can ever use it again.

2. Improved Control Regarding Employee Access

Not all employees need access to every part of the office. In fact, in some cases, your company may get into legal or financial trouble if you allow employees to access personal, confidential, or sensitive information they do not need to perform their job. With keyless entry locks, you don't need a bunch of different locks and keys for different employees. Instead, each employee has one keycard, but while one employee's keycard may grant them access to all parts of the office, another employee's keycard may only allow them to access a handful of rooms. Similarly, if you have some employees who aren't allowed in the office without management, you can adjust their keycards to only work at specific times or to only open the door if management has unlocked it.  

3. Ability to Monitor the Door From Anywhere

When you switch to a keyless entry lock, you have many options, and thanks to the development of smartphones and tablets, more and more smart locks are becoming available for business. These smart locks are keyless, but they also tend to allow you to access information about the lock from your tablet or smartphone. Therefore, even if you aren't at the office, you can see who is entering the office and when. You can also unlock the door for certain employees, lock the door so no one can enter, etc.

If you still rely on tumbler locks and keys to guard your business, you should consider keyless entry and smart locks. They can boost the security of your office, protecting your investment. For more information, contact a keyless lock provider like EMS  PROTECTIVE GROUP LLC.


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