Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

Hiring Quality Event Security Services: What To Look For

Javier Webb

You have a major event coming to town—a big-name musician, a hot comedian, a Broadway show that has to be seen to be believed; all of these are cause for extra event security. If you are looking to hire event security services, here is what to look for.


Some of the troublemakers at events are burly people. They are loud and pushy, and you need some brawn to bounce them from the venue or from the crowd. That does not mean you have to hire all men; there are lots of ladies out there that can manage things quite well, too. Set up demonstration areas for the applicants to display what they can lift, pull, push, and otherwise do without actually hurting anyone.


The brains department is just as necessary in security as the brawn is. Your event security should be able to spot trouble from miles away. Who is not dressed appropriately for the weather and may be hiding a weapon? Who is clearly strapped with a weapon, and do they have a permit? Are candidates able to memorize faces and report back suspicious individuals with accuracy? This stuff takes intelligence and skill, and that is what you need to prevent terrifying events.


What are a candidate's credentials? Someone who served in the military and was honorably discharged or retired makes a good security guard. Someone who served time in prison for assault and battery and who has never held a job longer than three months is not a good candidate. Check their resumes, check their references, and check their records. You need good, strong, smart, stable, and responsible people to man a special event, period.

Experience as a Bouncer or Security Guard

While this does not have to be a requirement for a good security team, experience does help. Working as a bouncer, these people know who to let in and who to keep out. They also know when someone is trying to shine them, and turn that someone out. Security guards are good detail people; they can spot when something is off about someone or off about a situation. The longer either of these types have worked their respective jobs, the more likely they will fit perfectly with your needs.

Hiring an Event Security Service Company

Of course, you could always go the easier route. An event security service company, like Protection Plus Inc, does all of the background work for you. Everyone on the team is vetted. All you have to do is pay their hourly rates and they do the rest.


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