Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

Advantages Of Having Security Officers Patrol An Area By Bicycle

Javier Webb

When you think about security officers on patrol, you might picture personnel walking in pairs around a given area or even driving in vehicles. There are some other methods of transportation that security officers can use, including patrolling on bicycles. This method of transportation is valuable in a variety of settings, and whether the security guards travel in pairs or ride solo, there are several advantages to having them move around in this manner. Here are three advantages of equipping your security staff with bicycles for patrol.

They'll Get Where Vehicles Can't

One of the biggest benefits of having your security officers patrol a designated area on bicycle is that they'll be able to freely travel where officers in vehicles cannot. Depending on the nature of the physical location, this may be highly useful. For example, if the security officers are patrolling a vast college campus, there will certainly be lots of roadways that the officers can navigate by vehicle. However, college campuses commonly have long networks of paths designed for foot traffic that aren't vehicle friendly. On bicycles, your officers can easily travel on these paths to provide a security presence.

They Can Respond Quicker

Security guards don't just patrol an area to keep its people safe — they also need to be able to respond to different areas quickly upon being dispatched. Security officers on foot may have to run a considerable distance to reach a point at which an assault is occurring, for example, and the perpetrator may be able to escape due to the officers' inability to get onto the scene quickly enough. On bicycles, security officers can dramatically cut down on their response time, which can be a key factor in apprehending offenders and providing help to victims.

They May Seem More Approachable

While members of the public should always feel free to approach security officers for help, officers who patrol in vehicles may not seem as approachable. A person may be unable to flag down an officer who is driving and watching traffic, for example, and this means that the person may not get the help that he or she needs. Conversely, officers patrolling an area on bicycles are much more approachable. People will have an easier time calling out to these officers or waving them over when help of any type is needed. If your security officers aren't traveling by bicycle, it may be worthwhile to explore this method.


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