Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

Keeping The Workplace Secure

Javier Webb

When dealing with high-profile clients or sensitive information, you owe it to everyone inside your company's office building to keep data and people safe. The following safety steps can be taken for that purpose:

Hire Security Guards

Perhaps the best action to take if you want to increase security is to hire professionals who understand how to do that. Security guards stationed at the front entrance and at other points on the property can give everyone a feeling that there are capable people on the premises if ever a problem erupts.

Once you have security guards in your building, ask them to periodically walk throughout the building to look for unauthorized personnel. You may also request that they walk employees to and from their vehicles if they plan to work very late or very early. You might ask security guards to check for recording devices, guns or metal devices. You may ask one of the guards to log visitors as they enter. Ensure that you contract a security company that is willing to provide personnel for those services

Train Employees

Security guards aren't the only people who can ensure everything remains secure. Train employees to notice people, objects, and situations that seem unsafe and how to respond to them. As part of their training during orientation, speak with them about appropriate conduct and handling of sensitive information and their knowledge of the clients that come in and out of the building. They should understand what is at stake and what consequences are waiting for them if they act contrary to the rules.

Monitor Internet Access

You or your IT employees should always be looking for attempts to breach the company's computer network. If you permit remote access to files and documents from employees working at home or in other places, you need to pay special attention to ensure that nothing strange is going on. If it seems that network requests at odd hours are increasing, have someone investigate. 

Talk to Clients

Often, data is accessed or information gets out, not due to a company or employees, but the clients themselves. Clients do not always understand how they may be sabotaging themselves. When you first meet with your clients, quickly explain how they can best protect their interests and data.

Personnel safety and information security are vital if you want to continue to attract the clients you work with. By addressing these issues, your company can continue its successful operation. Check out a website like http://protectedbytrust.com for more information. 


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