Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

3 Reasons Your Vacation Home Is Not As Secure As It Should Be

Javier Webb

Your vacation home is one of the most valuable commodities you have, and it should be rightly protected so you can enjoy it every time you return to the property. This home sits unused for much of the year and if you are like most owners, you will go to great lengths to ensure the home is not accessible by thieves or vandals. Unfortunately, even the most attentive owners will make some mistakes that leave their vacation home in a vulnerable position. Check out these three reasons your vacation home is not as secure as it really should be. 

You've never changed the locks. 

When you first purchased your home away from home, you were so excited to get the place that changing the locks was the last thing on your mind. If you have never changed the locks on your home, it is best to do so immediately. Vacation properties are commonly shared among groups of people, with the keys for access being passed around through many hands. This is especially true if the property was ever owned as a timeshare. With the same locks still in place, there's no telling how many prior visitors still have a key to get in. 

Your security system is not serviced by a localized company. 

Having a security system in your vacation home is probably one of the best ways you can keep it protected. But f you have contracted security system services that are not localized, the house could still not be all that secure. Local security system services are important when you have a home that you do not actually live in because the local technicians can be more informed about specific causes for concern in the area. Some concerns will mean extra attention to certain things with your particular system. 

You only visit the home on a consistent schedule.

Every year, like clockwork, you show up at your vacation home. This is actually a really common thing to do because most normal people can get away from work at certain times of the year. The problem is, if you always visit your vacation home on a consistent schedule, anyone burglar watching your home will always know when to expect a visit from you. It can be worth renting out the home on occasion unexpectedly or even allowing a friend or relative to use the place intermittently just to keep things a little like expectable. 

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