Understanding Security Risks

Understanding Security Risks

When You're The New Boss Facing Old Security Problems: 10 Ways Hiring Guards Can Help You And Your Company

Javier Webb

When you take on a supervisory role in any company, you want to hit the ground running. Nearly all types of business can benefit from having tighter security and if you tackle this issue right from the start, you're going to see immediate, positive results, as well as make a great impression on the people that hired you. Here are 10 ways hiring security guards will boost your company and at the same time, your image:

1. Less For You To Worry About

Especially because you have people to answer to yourself, you want to have the greatest ability to micro-manage the environments you're in charge of and security guards are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to do that. Oversee the hiring (of the guards or security company) yourself and tell them they'll be answering directly to you. Develop an efficient way for them to report to you daily or weekly, but make sure they also have access to your ear on a continuous and emergency basis, too, so that nothing goes down on company property that you're not aware of.

2. A Safer Environment

People tend to feel less safe these days, from looming overseas missile threats to home invasions to terrorism, the world seems to become more volatile with every passing year. When you have a security team patrolling and reporting for you, though, every person in your company should start feeling safer, except, perhaps, for those with nefarious intentions. Your company isn't just perceived as safer with security guards, but since they can do everything from monitor multiple security cameras in a closed room to question every visitor passing through your gates, it will actually be a safer place.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Ask someone in your new company if too much is being paid on insurance and how having security personnel on the property could possibly lower those rates. Because guards add a measure of security in many areas, including being able to perform basic first aid in many cases, your company's insurance could see a reduction in costs and that's something else to make your resume shine.

4. A Deterrent To Employee Theft

Unfortunately, one of your goals as a new manager or supervisor may be to cut the losses associated with employee theft. It takes billions of dollars out of revenue, embarrasses the top brass of any company and can leave you flustered in terms of trying to figure out who among your employees could be responsible. Once you hire a security guard, you can let them worry about catching any responsible parties. They can watch, intervene or simply deter, just by their very presence.

5. Greater Personal And Personnel Protection, Even In A High-Crime Area

Particularly if your new company is located in a high-crime area, you're all subject to possible threats totally unrelated to the business you're in. Simply by being in that type of neighborhood, any employee could be targeted for crime and the property itself vulnerable to vandals, thieves and other unsavory locals.

6. A Less Intimidating Parking Lot, Especially After Dark

Parking lots can be a very dangerous place for people, possibly discouraging them from working late and otherwise being a kick in company morale. Keep your parking lots safer by installing security cameras, gates and by hiring the qualified people who have experience in solving problems associated with parking lot crime.

7. More Productive Employees

If the people working for you know there's a security guard lurking around, they may be less likely to take extra breaks or gossip at length, rather than focus on their work. Especially if they know the guard is a professional who answers directly to you or other supervisors, it's just not smart for them to slack off flagrantly.

8. Real-Time Data On Who's Who And Where They Are In Your Buildings

Depending on how you choose to communicate with your security personnel, you can know exactly who is in your building(s), where they are and even what they're doing. There are apps and other software suites that you can use to connect with the guards, staying on top of everything you need to run many aspects of the company smoothly, safely and with fewer unknown variables.

9. Improved Safety At Company Events, Including For Guests

Security guards are often hired by schools, night clubs and other venues, specifically for big time functions and whenever your company puts on such an event, you'll already have the needed experts at your fingertips. Holiday parties, conferences and press events can all be handled with the discreet discipline that comes with internal security. Your guards can be out of uniform, mingling without an imposing appearance during festivities, but still able to handle unexpected situations like unwanted visitors or unruly or intoxicated participants; if you hold any major industry conferences, security can help you with everything from planning the seating and speakers to managing event inventory and any time anything happens on company time on your watch, you have a team of experts standing by.

10. An Investment That Pays Off

The bottom line is that you expect the resources you spend on security to pay off as an investment and that's exactly what's likely to happen. One study in Los Angeles found crime rates dropped in the area, relative to the amount of investment local businesses made in their on-site security. Most especially if you're currently experiencing any loss regarding the security of your company, such as through employee theft or vandalism, the investment you make in security guards should show you an immediate return, as well as in the long-term.

You want to start off on the right foot with your new position and tightening security can be the best way to accomplish that. The entire company sees the positive results of your efforts right away and all of a sudden, you have a lot more control over every aspect of your new position and that holds untold value for you. For more information, visit websites like http://security-unlimited.com.


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